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Millions of professionals can't all be wrongMillions of fire fighters, nurses, teachers, and airline workers have a contract. We can’t all be wrong.

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The Messenger (faqs) contains three main sections.

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Hans R. Isakson, Ph.D. Professor of Economics, joined the University of Northern Iowa faculty in 1990. Prior, he was a professor at The University of Texas, Washington State University, and The University of Georgia. He has a long record of publications in Regional Science and Urban Economics, and the Journal of Marketing Research. Read IAM vs fly-to-win assessment

Table 1, “The Report Card,” compares the features of the IAM Contract with those of the Fly-to-Win Handbook by assigning a letter grade to each. Figure 1 contains a comparison of the financial measures for each airline just prior to their merger (2009). Each of the major points of comparison is discussed with greater detail below.